Master’s Thesis Supervised/Under Supervision :

S. No.

Title of Thesis

Name of student

Names of Other supervisor
(if any)
1 Spoken word recognition using ANN Mr. Sourabh Rungta 2002 Completed NIL
2 Robot Path Planning using ANN Dr. Ritu Tiwari 2002 Completed NIL
3 Genetic algorithm based ANN training Ms. Jaspal Baggha 2003 Completed NIL
4 Face recognition using ANN Mr. G.R.Sinha 2003 Completed NIL
5    Satellite Image Classification using rough set theory    Mr.V.K.Jain 2004 Completed NIL
6 Process Biomedical tomography using ANN Mr. Anupam Choudhry   2004    Completed NIL
7 Image analysis and speaker authentication using ANN. Mr. Keshav Singh Negi 2005 Completed NIL
8 Robot Arm Control using ANFIS Mr. Sanjay Dekate 2005 Completed NIL
9 DSP application in Speech Signals Mr. Mohan Awasthi 2005 Completed NIL
10 Amino acid sequence Prediction using ANN Mr. Sidhartha Arjaria 2006 Completed NIL
11 Secondary Prediction of secondary Structure of Protein using ANN Mr. Ram Nivas Giri 2006 Completed NIL
12 Evolving Stochastic Context Free Grammar Using Genetic Algorithm Mr. Divesh Narayan 2006 Completed NIL
13 Emotional status recognition using speech and ANN Mr. Manish Pandey 2006 Completed NIL
14 Hindi vowel and consonant recognition using ANN Mr. O.P. Yadav 2006 Completed NIL
15 Image recognition and analysis for moving pictures Mr. Amit Khole 2007 Completed NIL
16 Sex discrimination using speech features and ANN Ms. Smita Bhagel 2007 Completed NIL
17 Neuro- Fuzzy based speaker identification using speech features Mr. R. R. Janghel 2007 Completed NIL
18 Image recognition using ANN Ms. Shushmita Chakarborty 2008 Completed NIL
19 Expert System for prediction of Bio-informatics / Neuro-informatic toxicant data using soft computing technique Mr.Sunil Kumar 2008 Completed NIL
20 Expert System for legal Threats using rule based fuzzy inference engine Mr.Akhil Kr. Meshram 2008 Completed NIL
21 Improving Forex Day Trading with Genetic Algoritm Mr. Keerthi Kamal Adusumilli 2008 Completed NIL
22 LAN search Engine for Heterogeneous network Mr. D. D. Gupta 2009 Completed NIL
23 Medical Diagnosis using Artificial Neural network and ANFIS Ms Prabhdeep Kaur 2008 Completed NIL
24 Clustering Techniques in Biological Data Analysis Ms. Abhilasha Jha 2008 Completed NIL
25 Fast learning Neural network (using Advanced Algorithm) Mr. Shivanshu Mittal 2008 Completed NIL
26 Hand Geometry based biometric recognition System Mr. Piyush Sharma 2008 Completed NIL
27 Automatic Document Classification Mr. Anuj Kumar 2008 Completed NIL
28 Fetal diagnosis system using ANN Mr. Pankaj Mishra 2009 Completed NIL
29 Compensation algorithm for video encoder and decoder of mobile system for H263/H264 Mr. Pankaj Mishra 2009 Completed NIL
30 Expert System for Neuro-informatic toxicant data using ANN Mr. Dushyant Chincholkar 2009 Completed NIL
31 Breast Cancer Diagnosis using Modular Neural Network Mr. Harsh Vazirani 2010 Ongoing NIL
32 Robot path planning using AI and soft computing techniques Mr. Rahul Kala 2010 Ongoing Dr. Ritu Tiwari
33 Hindi character recognition using Neo-cognitron Neural Network Mr. Anand Ranjan 2010 Ongoing NIL
34 Video Processing for mobile application Mr. Devesh Khandpal 2010 Ongoing NIL
35 Medical Image Processing & Prediction using Learning Vector Quantization Mr.Hemant Kumar Meena 2010 Ongoing Dr. Ritu Tiwari
36 Virtual robot management and coordination Ms. Manyata Goyal 2010 Ongoing NIL
37 Mobile codec acceleration algorithms Mr. Mayank Srivastava 2010 Ongoing Dr. Ritu Tiwari
38 Medical image diagnosis using soft Computing Mr. Rishi Kumar Anand 2010 Ongoing NIL
39 3-D Robot coordination Mr. Shilp Gupta 2010 Ongoing NIL
40 Speech Recognition & Reconstruction Mr. Srinag B 2010 Ongoing NIL
41 Text summarization using Reinforcement Learning Mr. Chandra Prakash 2010 Ongoing NIL
42 Mobile and Cloud Computing Mr. Manav Singhal 2013 Completed NIL
43 Mobile Computing Mr. Anurag Agrawal 2013 Completed NIL
44 Mobile Computing Ms. Devashree Roy 2013 Completed NIL
45 Mobile Computing Mr. Nishant Rai 2013 Completed NIL
46 Mobile Computing Mr. Vadlapatla Naga, Phani Kumar 2013 Completed NIL
47 Mobile Development (Android) Mr. Swapnil Shrivastaava 2013 Completed NIL
48 Mobile Development (Android) Mr. Vaibhav Gupta 2013 Completed NIL
49 Robotics Mr. Ritesh Dandotia 2013 Completed NIL
50 Robotics Mr. Shanshank Dixit 2013 Completed NIL
51 Soft Computing Mr. Prashank Gupta 2013 Completed NIL
52 Signal Processing Mr. Amit Kumar Shrivasrava 2013 Completed NIL
53 Robotics & Soft Computing Mr. Chiranjib Sur 2013 Completed NIL
54 Intelligent System Design Ms. Priyanka Meel 2013 Completed Dr. Ritu Tiwari
55 Low Power VLSI Design Mr. Mahendra Pratap Dev 2013 Completed Dr Manisha Pattanaik
56 Text Summarization Himanshu Sardhana 2014 Completed NILL
57 Robot Path Planning Pavan Kumar Goyal 2014 Completed NILL
58 Machine Learning Based Classification Anubhav Kakkar 2014 Completed NILL
59 Face Detection on android Prankul Garg 2014 Completed NILL
60 Robot Learning and Path planning Yashodha Bhargava 2014 Completed NILL
61 Natural Language Processing Nitish Bhardwaj 2014 Completed Mr. Pradeep Swarkar
62 Android Sanyam Agarwal 2014 Completed NILL
63 Soft Computing Shurti shukla 2014 Completed NILL
64 Stock market forcasting using Soft Computing Nitin Panwar 2014 Completed NILL
65 Soft Computing Gaurav Sharma 2014 Completed NILL
66 Soft Computing Sakshi sharma 2014 Completed NILL
67 Soft Computing Sakshi sharma 2014 Completed NILL