S. No.

Title of Thesis

Name of student

Names of Other supervisor (if any)
1 Study of face and speech parameter and identification of their relationship for emotional status recognition. Dr. Neeta Tripathi 2004 Completed Dr. A S Zadgaonkar
2 Study on the continuous removal of heavy metals from environment using biopolymer Dr. Anurag Pandey 2005 Completed Dr. Lalitagouri Roy
3 Mobile Robot Control and Path Planning by Human Machine interface using Artificial Neural Network Mr. Mohan Awasthy 2005 Submitted Dr. M. K. Kowar
4 Design and development of efficient motion estimation and compensation algorithm for video encoder and decoder of mobile system for H-263 / H-264 Mr. Sourabh Rungta 2006 Submitted Dr. Neeta Tripathi
5 Location estimation in wireless networks using distributed and machine learning techniques Mr.V.K.Jain 2008 Ongoing Dr.Shashikala Tapasvi
6 Medical Expert system using soft computing technique. Mr. R. R. Janghel   2008    Ongoing Dr. Ritu Tiwari
7 Networked multi-robot system for exploration of unstructured environments. Ms. Anshika Pal   2014    Completed Dr. Ritu Tiwari
8 A qualitative study of protein structure using hysicochemical properties Mr. Prashant Singh Rana   2014    Completed Dr. Mahua Bhattacharya
9 Multi robot path planning and area exploration using Nature Inspired Algorithm Mr. Sanjeev Sharma   2015    Completed Dr. Ritu Tiwari
10 Multi Robot System Mr. Ram Dewangan   2014    Ongoing Dr. Willfred Godfrey
11 Multi Robot System Mr. Apurva Mishra   20165    Ongoing